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Umniah is launching its latest third generation network. EVO is a technological innovation, providing the fastest wireless broadband in Jordan through affordable offers. It covers all the Internet services provided by Umniah’s latest 3.75G network, and empowers customers to reach their potential by allowing faster access to the Internet. Offering a very fast, safe, and enjoyable experience, evo continuously deploys cutting edge mobile technologies. Enjoy learning, sharing, social networking, creating and accessing content, and much more.


An interesting and meaningful experience through localized and exclusive content. Get more out of the Internet with tailored features that are designed to appeal to your interests.

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Take control of your internet easily to create your very own online experience: manage your plans and your settings so that they best suit your needs. Provide a more secure internet for your kids through parental control solutions.


Higher internet speeds of up to 42.2 Mbps. A simple start-up process; no service activation is required for mobile internet, and true plug and play experience are introduced with innovative dongles.

What is 3.75G?

3G technology has evolved through several updates, culminating in the very latest release - 3.75G, and it is now available in Jordan with Umniah. 3.75G technology operates at amazing speeds of up to 42.2 Mbps, making browsing smoother, downloads faster, and streaming possible without buffering.

With access to the 3.75G network and a 3G enabled device, you can make video calls, send MMS, stream YouTube videos, send and receive heavy email attachments, and download music, all whilst enjoying our regular voice call and messaging services.

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A great service with reasonable prices and good-value periodic bundles with great add-ons.

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We aim to provide EVO across the country. Find out if you area is covered by EVO 3.75G with this coverage map.

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Not sure if your handset is 3.75G compatible? Check our compatibility tool to see if you can start using EVO on your hand set today.

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Got any Questions?

you can contact our support teram round the clock, any day, at the numbers to the right.
But first, try to find your answers in the FAQs within the subjects listed here:

Do I need a special mobile handset to use the Umniah high speed internet services?
If your mobile handset is already 3G enabled then you don’t need to buy a new one. Different compatible mobile handsets have different speed capabilities, we recommend that you use a 3.75G enabled handset to get the best experience
How can I tell if my mobile handset is 3G enabled or not?

When you are on the Umniah 3.75G network, set your mobile handset network settings to 3G mode or dual mode 2G/3G. Your mobile handset should show a ‘3G’ or ‘H’ icon at the top of the screen next to the network signal bars. This means that your mobile handset is 3G enabled and you can use the services.

You can check if your mobile handset is 3G enabled by visiting our website at www.umniah.com; you can also call us on 1333 from your Umniah mobile, dial *888# and follow the instructions or check your handset vendor website.

If I need a new 3G enabled mobile handset, can I only buy it from Umniah, or will any open market mobile handset work?
It is not necessary to buy a 3G enabled mobile handset from Umniah only; you can buy one on the open market, but make sure that it is 3.75G compatible for the best experience.
I’ve noticed that my mobile handset battery drains much faster when I’m on a 3.75G network?
True, mobile handset batteries run out a lot quicker on any 3G network.
Are there any technical specifications required on my computer and operating system?
Yes, there are standard technical specifications; please refer to the user guide for full details.
Can I use my dongle on both a desktop and a laptop computer?
Yes you can, as long as it has a USB port.
What should I do if I have changed the configurations of my Umniah router by mistake?
Simply restore your Umniah router to its factory default settings. Press and hold the "RESET" button on your router device.
Can I connect my mobile handset to my PC or laptop to access Umniah high speed internet?
Connecting a mobile handset to a laptop or PC is called tethering. This is definitely possible on the Umniah 3.75G network, provided that your mobile handset supports tethering. The charges will be applied according to the Umniah plan you are subscribed to.
Can I use my old Connect USB modem to get high speed internet?
No, sorry. The old Connect modem does not support 3.75G.
What are the required settings on a mobile handset?
Just make sure your device APN is ‘net’.
What are the required settings on a dongle, Mobile WiFi, or router?
Make sure your device APN is ‘Umniah’, and the username and password are left blank.
What should I do if my Umniah router does not work properly?
  1. Look for the help information on the web management page.
  2. Restart your Umniah router.
  3. Restore your Umniah router to its default factory settings.
  4. Contact the Umniah customer care team on 1333.
Network Issues
How fast will the 3.75G internet speed be on my mobile compared to 2G?
Essentially the internet speed will be 20-30 times faster on your mobile with the Umniah 3.75G network compared to a 2G network.
What are the factors affecting the internet speed that I will actually get?

The actual speed depends on:

  1. Device/Terminal speed capacity
  2. Distance from the site
  3. Number of customers served by the same site
Will I lose my internet connection if I'm in an area not covered by 3.75G?
Not at all. You will remain connected, but at a slower speed.
What would the charges be if my voice calls were forced to shift from the 3.75G to the 2G network?
Voice calls are charged at the same rate whichever network you are on.
If I have a 3G enabled handset but move into an area with 2G coverage only, what would happen to my voice calls/ video calls/ internet surfing/ downloading of music or video files?
  1. Voice Call: There would be no drop during transitions between 2G and 3.75G networks. The changeover would be seamless.
  2. Video Call: If already begun on a 3.75G network, the video call would drop on moving to a 2G site; as 2G does not support video calls.
  3. Internet browsing: On transition into a 2G network, the speed will decrease but the session should not be disturbed at all.
  4. Music and Video file downloads: On transition into a 2G network, the speed of the download will decrease.
How can I experience Umniah high speed Internet service over 3.75G?
You can experience Umniah high speed Internet service on your existing Umniah line, or by getting a new Umniah Data line. Both options should be used with a 3G enabled device.
On your Mobile Handset
Will mobile internet bundles work on Pre-paid & Post-paid plans?
Yes, mobile internet bundles work on both Pre-paid & Post-paid plans.
Do I need a new SIM card to use mobile internet bundles?
No, your existing SIM card will work perfectly well.
How do I buy mobile internet bundles?
Bundles are available by:
  1. Dialling *888#
  2. Visiting the Umniah website
  3. Calling customer care on 1333
  4. Visiting an Umniah sho
Where can I find information about my mobile internet bundles balance?
Where can I find information about my mobile internet bundles balance?
  1. IVR
  2. Customer care
  3. USSD
What is the Pay As You Go Internet tariff?
The Pay As You Go tariff gives you the flexibility to access the internet from your voice or data line, without any preliminary subscription fee, as long as you have a 3G compatible handset.
On your Computer
What is a Data line?
A Data line is a SIM/USIM card designed to give you internet usage on your tablet, dongle, Mobile WiFi, or router. It does not support voice calls or other services, but you can use it to send SMS if your device allows it.
How long is my prepaid Data line valid for?
The prepaid Data line is valid for 30 days from the date of activation. Every time you recharge the Data line it will be validated for 1 year.
Where can I find information about my data line balance and consumption?
  1. My Account icon on the connection manager
  2. IVR
  3. Customer care
  4. Your Umniah account on the Umniah website
No, all data lines are preconfigured on 3.75G. No further activation is required.
Do I need to have my data line configured?
Yes, mobile internet bundles work on both Pre-paid & Post-paid plans.
Can I recharge my prepaid Umniah Data line using an existing GSM scratch card?
No, there are separate Internet scratch cards to recharge your prepaid data lines. These were created to give you the chance to benefit from the lower tax on internet services.
Are my unused MBs carried over to the next month?
No, there is no need to accumulate MBs from one month to the next.
Can I use my data line while roaming?
Yes, if the country you are visiting is an Umniah data roaming partner and it provides 3G services.
Can I use my old data line to get the high speed internet?
No. Sorry, this is not possible.
Video Calls
Do I need to activate the video-calling service?
No, there is no need to activate this service; you can make video calls if you have a 3G enabled handset with a camera.
Does the video call consume data from my MB allowance?
Not at all, you are only charged at the rate per minute for video calls.
How do I make a video call?
  1. Make sure you have a 3G enabled mobile handset with video calling capability.
  2. Make sure you are connected to the 3.75G network.
  3. Just dial the number and press the video call button.
What if someone is video-calling me and I don’t want to be seen?
Yes, mobile internet bundles work on both Pre-paid & Post-paid plans.
Can I make a video call while roaming?
Yes, you can use video calling while roaming on another operator network, if we have a roaming agreement with that particular operator. In this case the list of video-calling destinations will depend on the other operator and not Umniah.
Is it necessary for both parties to have a 3G enabled mobile handset to be able to make and receive video calls?
Yes, it is necessary for both parties to have a 3G enabled mobile handset with video calling capability, and also be connected to a 3.75G network.
Can I make a video call from my Umniah line to a customer with another operator, if they have a 3G enabled mobile handset and are connected on a 3G network?
Not at this stage, but it will be available soon.
What should I do if I am unable to make a video call, even if I have the required handset and I am connected to the Umniah 3.75G network?
You will first need to check if the person you are trying to call also has a video compatible mobile handset, and is connected to Umniah 3.75G network.
The image quality is very low when I make a video call, what can I do?

Check the following:

  1. You have a good 3.75G signal on your phone
  2. Keep your hand steady as too much movement affects the quality of a video call
In a video call, I can see the caller but the caller can’t see me, what should I do?

This could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Your front camera is not activated.
  2. You are not facing the camera.
  3. Your handset only has one camera, so you will need to flip the phone when talking.
Will I be able to receive other video/voice calls, if I am in the middle of a video call?
Call waiting is not activated while you are on a video call, the calling party will receive a busy tone.
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